What is Savoxit?

"Savoxit is an indie game and software developer located in Indonesia. We are a bunch of young dreamer that have so much goals to be realized. Since 9 October 2009, we made kinds of game and software in order to reach our goals. We have an unique method when developping our product, unlike a normal process. We convert our emotion to blast our spirit. The more we "Galau", the more solid and productive we are."

Who is Savoxit?

Hamsyah Musthofa
(CEO & Co-Founder)
"Dumb programmer with super ordinary skill in coding, composing, and drawing. He is an I.T addict who want to bring happiness to everyone with his hand someday"

Ahmad Fauzan Herdiansah
"Talk less, do more. That's a suitable word to decribe his personality. He like anime so much and often make AMV for tribute to his fovourite anime"

Muhammad Aulia Nursalim
(Video Editor)
"Another weirdo who love anime and making AMV. He is so cute for a boy, that's why some people call him a trap (just like some anime character)"

Muhammad Ainur Rokhim
(3D Designer)
"He is a game and cosplay addict. Almost all of his HDD contain anything about cosplay and game, and anime of course. He looks like a lazy boy, but easy to learn something"