Pilpres 2014

An arcade game for Android platform that support Indonesian president determination moment. The choosen candidates will lead Indonesia for 5 years since 2014 untill 2019. In this game, you can play as Jokowi-JK or Prabowo-Hatta supporter. After all, this is not a campaign media but just for fun purpose only.

- Title : Pilpres 2014
- Version : 1.0.5
- Platform : Android
- Type : Freeware

- File size : 11,7 MB

- Single player arcade game
- 2 candidates available to play
- Local highscore menu

- Choose your favourite candidate first ("Prabowo-Hatta" or "Jokowi-JK")
- Stick all of the image that representate your favourite candidate or his assistant
- Try to reach the highest level and score as you can


Savoxit Ochit

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